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Homecoming Chapter 4
“Well, what’s your opener? Pretend I’m a boy”
“Come on down to Little Gideon’s Tent ‘O’ Telepathy, coming soon at this location”
“Hey even in a sack I still look better than you!”
“Hey dude, you ready to blow up these hotdogs in the microwave one by one?”
"Pat, pat"
Mabel was in tears as more and more memories came back to her in fragments, she remembered Dipper the most, but then a lot of Stan, Ford and Soos, came back, then Wendy, Pacifica, and everyone else they all started to come back. “Pull yourself together Mabel” she said trying to look in the mirror but it was broken, as she was currently renting a rather sleazy hotel room at the very edge of town, the kind of place that didn’t ask questions or keep up to date with news or wanted posted.
The fractured mirror seemed to cause Mabel even more emotional pain as she ended up
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Homecoming Chapter 3
Both Stan and Ford had knowledge of how to get around Gravity Falls without being detected, it took a while but they finally managed to make it back to the Mystery Shack. Mabel was starting to stir in Stan’s arms; Stan sighed and laid her down on the couch, while Ford got some rope.
“Whoa, what are you doing?” Stan demanded.
“Well she may not entirely remember who she is, as sad is it to say, we may need to keep her from running away while we try to remind her, I’m sure once she remembers she will forgive us” Ford said, Stan didn’t like the idea, but Ford was usually right about these sorts of things, so he let him tie Mabel’s wrists together and her feet to the leg of the couch.
After a few minutes Mabel eventually awoke with a loud “GAHHH!” she of course panicked and flailed about, trying to undo her bindings. “Mabel, calm down” Stan said softly. “What do you want from me?!” she demanded.
“We to
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100 Days part 2
Luke kept his head down head down as they walked deeper into the facility, he knew that this was just for 100 days, but still he had a feeling that this was going to be his life from now on. Luke had always been the “troubled kid” growing up, then he turned into everybody’s scapegoat. A kid in middle school slips and falls in the fountain: Luke pushed him, despite the fact that he was nowhere near the kid and the teacher had her eyes on him the whole time, he was still punished. It always seemed that everyone else could get away with murder in the middle of class but if Luke so much as dropped his pencil he was being a disturbance and needed to go to the principal's office. 
Luke had been told that he won the chance to be part of a student exchange program and that he could take a summer class there to get used to things before the school year started. It wasn't that much to be excited about but he thought it was finally his chance to start over. He could ge
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100 Days part 1
Six teenagers all sat in a room. Each one of them made sure to sit a good distance apart from one another. Each one carefully avoiding eye contact with each other. They all knew why they were here, but none of them knew what the next one hundred days would have in store for them.
Then a man walked in, he was tall, with graying hair and a neatly shaved beard, he wore a lab coat and formal trousers, though he was a doctor he seemed to have an air of superiority to him that not even the most egotistical of doctors would have. “Welcome all of you to Auhorn Institution, I’m assuming you all know why you’re here” the doctor said, looking to the somber faces of the teens and smiled. “You’re all here because you’re scum and nobody wants you” he said matter-of-factly.
“Excuse me!” a blonde girl shrieked as she stood up in anger.
“Don’t try to deny it, you’ve all done something to have a court send you to me, and for t
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Mirror, Mirror, on the wall
What causes hate throughout all?
So much destruction
Spread because of a little thought
A thought of hate and disgust
Why do you taunt your victim?
Why do you make them that way?
Is it because people tell you too?
Is it because it's natural?
Is it because your feelings are true?
How do you know this?
How do you know what is true?
How do you know what it is you feel?
Did they hurt you?
Did they kill your loved ones?
Did they get on your nerves?
Think before you harm
Think before you taunt
Think before you hate
Don't drive yourself insane
Don't drive others to cry
Don't drive the world to hate
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall
What causes hate throughout all?
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Children cry over spilled Milk
Teenagers whine over spilled Coffee
Adults rage over spilled Alcohol
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I Dreamed of My Fears, I am Not Afraid
I dream a lot
I dream when I'm awake
I dream when I'm asleep
When I sleep sometimes
Nightmares of insects
Brawling all over me
Biting into me
Not this dream
Scorpions in great numbers
Tiny but everywhere
I continue to walk
Free from fear
What do you fear?
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The Lies of Flesh
How easily do we sway?
Lose ourselves to what?
Taut but sagging lumps
Muscular lines going nowhere
Yet provide the most hypnotic of affects
Why do we sway so easily?
To false images that promise happiness
Breasts flash a smile
Muscles try to lower your gaze
All to distract you from any flaws
Flaws designed poison the insides
Make the beautiful feel ugly
The poison makes its way to the brain
Hide for your flaws
Enjoy beauty that will never be yours
How easily do you sway?
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Light and Darkness
Darkness has always been evil
Light has always brought good
That has always been the way
Since God said "Let There Be Light"
And Satan fell into Darkness
In truth they are both just lust and fears
In the minds of humans
To control who goes into the Light
And who will be forever plunged in Darkness
They are what humans make them
Good and Evil
Night and Day
Sun and Moon
Virgin and Whore
Light is not always good
Light can be blinding
Light of the clouds in heaven
Light of the fires in hell
Darkness is not always evil
Darkness can be peaceful
Darkness of a sleeper's eyes
Darkness of a victim's hideout
Let there be no Light
Let there be no Darkness
Let there be one race
Not that of any color
Light or Dark
Not that of humans
But of all living things
Let Light and Darkness
Have no meaning
Let us see past
What it is we see the most
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Running, running,
My legs can't take it anymore
Why must I run from you?
You're just like me
We're taught that
It's not what a person looks like
It's who they are inside
That is what matters
Who am I on the inside?
To deserve this
To have my classmate
Hunt me down
Like a dog to a stick
You call me a freak
Why is that?
Why am I a freak?
I don't hide who I am
While my eyes are black
Behind yours
I can see tears
Threatening to come
Calling me weak
Won't make you strong
Calling me a loser
Won't make you a winner
Calling me a freak
Won't make you normal
I can taste my own blood
Still fresh on my lips
Yet you have scars
Well hidden
But always there
You dominate me
Because you don't want
To submit anymore
You think we are so different
Yet we have everything in common
We are both scarred
We both fear
We are both freaks
Yet we can't even shake hands
We must continue this endless cycle
Of the predator
And the prey
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Death's Arms
In life there are many things
That we should fear
Darkness surrounding us
Drowning and washing away
A parents hand across your face
Broken bones and endless bruises
Creepy things crawling into our beds
But the one thing we fear most in life
Is to face out our death
I don't fear death
I don't question what lies ahead
Heaven, Hell, Reincarnation
Doesn't matter in death
Death is not a monster
To behead you with a scythe
I wait safely in Death's arms
Nothing can touch me
Death surrounds us all in life
So there is no need to fear
I just only wait
Until my time has come
Death drops me
Out of his arms I fall
When death releases me
That is when I die
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Politics is like a dog fight
Many come to see one die
And another stand victory
They fight a dirty game
Think they have control
But are puppets with no master
Quick jabs and low blows
Will lead one ahead
The other retaliate
Go for the neck
We cheer and throw money
All is such a waste
For no matter which dog comes out on top
For no matter how much they are praised
They are still just a dog
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I Hear You
Through the giggles and laughs
Of a childhood still in anew
There's tears and crying
Of a mother's yelling
And nobody hears you
I hear you
I hear you laugh
I hear you cry
I hear your mother yelling
Such loud screams
But I look out my window
And I don't see a thing
I know you're there
Somewhere in your young mind
You must know something's not right
That tears shouldn't come every night
Through the stench of smoke and alcohol
You survive
You will never know who I am
If anyone ever heard you cry
But I did
I hear you
I hear your tears
I hear your happiness
When innocence is shattered
A choice must be made
To be strong and fight
Or to submit and fall
I hope you make the right choice in life
To let yourself be happy
I hope your tears ends
I hope to hear you happy
I hope to hear silence
I hear you
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Is that for Me?
The most beautiful thing in the world
To see your smile
And to know
That it's directed at me
Hands sweat
Head spins
I try to smile back
My face is burning
I tell myself
To say something
Let you know
But I can't
No words come
So for now I can smile back
And be simply happy
:iconsidecharacter:SideCharacter 0 0
Welcome to the Dumps
Welcome to the Dumps
Here where baggage grows heavy
And depression festers
But come now it's not all bad
They all leave you alone
Just like you want
Welcome to the Dumps
The only way out
A friend's hand
Should you choose to accept
To be pulled out and face yourself
A knife
To leave a bloody trail
From a slit wrist
Welcome to the Dumps
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The Truth about Youth
O long for the days when life seemed so small
When the world consisted of a neighborhood
When every smile was a friend
When every stick was a wand
When a box was magical place
However innocents fades and then comes youth
When youngness is now longer about
Twirling and imagination
But rather beauty and strength
When smiles become fake
Plastered in pretend
When boxes are only for those
Who have no other home
With youth comes a loss of innocence
To fear being old
Yet hating being treated like a child
Is one of the most childish things of all
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SideCharacter's Profile Picture
Kale Johnson
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Greetings there,

Welcome to my page, I hope you like what you see, I’m a novice writer but I do post a lot of stories, and hope to improve my writing skills and maybe even get published one day.

As to what I write:

:bookdiva: Novels: I will admit my ideas of what kind of novels I want to publish has changed since when I first came to dA, when back them I pretty much just absorbed in fantasy, and don’t get me wrong some of my novels are fantasy, but I noticed now my style of writing focuses more on a real life drama, at least when it comes to novel length stories. Now when it comes to novels I will probably be the slowest to get chapters out due to amount of effort I put into them and I tend to be my own worst critic.

:pencil: Sagas: Like many people I have OCs I have worked with since childhood and stories with them that I have been working on from then to now. So there is a lot of material to work with. These will most likely be done in volumes and the occasional short story. They are mainly fantasy based, and I am always getting new stuff to work with them.

:tea: Poetry: I may have gotten passed my teenage phase of writing depressing poetry about death, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t given up my love for the craft, I still love writing poetry and though I may get the occasional depressing one in there eventually, I have found a love for all genres of poetry, my style is usually free verse as I write whatever comes to mind.

:lightbulb: Original Fiction: Of course I write other stories as well, those two short to be novels or sagas, some may be short stories or may be multi-chaptered, as of late I’ve been working with a new style, but I still write all different kinds of genres from fantasy, drama, adventure, horror, mystery, and romance, all kinds of romance.

:wizardhat: Fan Fiction: Now I know what a lot of people tend to think when you say you write fan fiction, and I try not to be like that, though I may post the occasional crack fiction from time to time, I do try to stay as close to canon as possible, as I would rather look up to a character than try to relate to them or fall in love with them. I may post a few stories that involve certain pairings, but I’m not a huge shipper. Though fair warning I am a big fan of stories that involve a character(s) that end up in alternate version or different time of their world and have to fix it so you might see stories like that across multiple fandoms.

:magnify: Editorials and Opinions: Now I know people tend to not really care what someone on the internet thinks, and I’m out to start flame wars or fights, but if I happened to find something that nobody else has talked about or I really want to get my voice out on a certain subject, I will write about it, and well, I’ll be mature if you will.

:note: Role-Play Collaborations: I love to role-play however lately I feel like I love the idea of role-play more than I actually like doing it do the vast amount of immature smut requests, still I’ll be posting my ideas on my page and if you like them and can agree to my rules, we just might have something to write about together.

So those are the kinds of things you can expect to see from me, and if you like them, feel free to leave a watch, all feedback is appreciated, and if you want to see more there is a link to my fan fiction account below.

Lastly, my icon was made by Hyraea while my lit tag and ID was commissioned by copper9lives

Thanks for reading!


Old Work and New Projects

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 3, 2017, 5:56 PM

Hey Everyone, 

So I just recently posted a lot of my old poems from my Shanster12 and Ba-Shanster accounts, so I hope you enjoy those, and since I have a lighter course load this spring, I want to focus a lot more on my writing, I have decided to take a break from role-playing (though don't get me wrong if you are already role-playing with me I do want to keep you as a partner, I'm just not taking any more on, unless I see someone who I think I can really work with) and I want to focus more on my writing this quarter. 

I will be writing more poetry as well as working on both fan fiction and original fiction, people seem to be enjoying my Gravity Falls fanfic, and Kindred Spirits will be put on in storage and reuploaded as I do want to change up a few things and add some elements from the recent Beauty and the Beast remake, so that is one thing to look forward to as well as a bunch of other fan fiction. 

I also do really want to focus on original work as I know it's much harder to get people interested in your original work as they have to want to put in the time it takes to actually stay updated and read your work, but I do want to actually get people interested. 

I am curious, how many people are actually watching me for my work? I know I don't have that many watchers and I know half of them are probably watching me because we role-played at one time, anyway I'm really looking forward to this and I really do hope those who are watching me, will enjoy what I have coming. 

Thank you


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