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Kale Johnson
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Greetings there,

Welcome to my page, I hope you like what you see, I’m a novice writer but I do post a lot of stories, and hope to improve my writing skills and maybe even get published one day.

As to what I write:

:bookdiva: Novels: I will admit my ideas of what kind of novels I want to publish has changed since when I first came to dA, when back them I pretty much just absorbed in fantasy, and don’t get me wrong some of my novels are fantasy, but I noticed now my style of writing focuses more on a real life drama, at least when it comes to novel length stories. Now when it comes to novels I will probably be the slowest to get chapters out due to amount of effort I put into them and I tend to be my own worst critic.

:pencil: Sagas: Like many people I have OCs I have worked with since childhood and stories with them that I have been working on from then to now. So there is a lot of material to work with. These will most likely be done in volumes and the occasional short story. They are mainly fantasy based, and I am always getting new stuff to work with them.

:tea: Poetry: I may have gotten passed my teenage phase of writing depressing poetry about death, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t given up my love for the craft, I still love writing poetry and though I may get the occasional depressing one in there eventually, I have found a love for all genres of poetry, my style is usually free verse as I write whatever comes to mind.

:lightbulb: Original Fiction: Of course I write other stories as well, those two short to be novels or sagas, some may be short stories or may be multi-chaptered, as of late I’ve been working with a new style, but I still write all different kinds of genres from fantasy, drama, adventure, horror, mystery, and romance, all kinds of romance.

:wizardhat: Fan Fiction: Now I know what a lot of people tend to think when you say you write fan fiction, and I try not to be like that, though I may post the occasional crack fiction from time to time, I do try to stay as close to canon as possible, as I would rather look up to a character than try to relate to them or fall in love with them. I may post a few stories that involve certain pairings, but I’m not a huge shipper. Though fair warning I am a big fan of stories that involve a character(s) that end up in alternate version or different time of their world and have to fix it so you might see stories like that across multiple fandoms.

:magnify: Editorials and Opinions: Now I know people tend to not really care what someone on the internet thinks, and I’m out to start flame wars or fights, but if I happened to find something that nobody else has talked about or I really want to get my voice out on a certain subject, I will write about it, and well, I’ll be mature if you will.

:note: Role-Play Collaborations: I love to role-play however lately I feel like I love the idea of role-play more than I actually like doing it do the vast amount of immature smut requests, still I’ll be posting my ideas on my page and if you like them and can agree to my rules, we just might have something to write about together.

So those are the kinds of things you can expect to see from me, and if you like them, feel free to leave a watch, all feedback is appreciated, and if you want to see more there is a link to my fan fiction account below.

Lastly, my icon was made by ZaraAlfonso while my lit tag and ID was commissioned by copper9lives

Thanks for reading!


Crack Pairing Month!

Fri Jan 27, 2017, 9:47 PM
Hi everyone!

So I'm sorry my account has been a little dead lately, but I've many projects in the works and one of them is about to come about!

Now I'm not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day, when I was a kid you were required to give valentines to everyone in your class which was nice, but then of course in high school card and carnations only went to those who had significant others, to which all my friends did making me want to punch them in the face. 

However now that I'm older, (realize I'm asexual) I enjoy Valentines day as just another day but also show a little love to some of my platonic friends. The idea for this got started when one of my friends and I were playing video games and we started to make a joke pairing and then it just became a thing that we both now genuinely ship, though I'm usually not much of a shipper but it was a lot of fun taking something usually nobody would think twice about and develop it more, and so I decided to do crack pairing month!

All of February will be dedicated to crack pairings, if my schedule permits I hope to post one-shots a week during this month, and spread a little love. 

The rules are as followed:
-No crossovers (as that's just way to easy)
-The characters have to of met at some point
-It has to be crack to the canon (meaning never even hinted at in the original canon)
-It has to be crack to the fandom (it can have a small following but it can't be one of the huge ships out there)
-It has to be crack to me (I will admit I do honestly ship some crack ships but these have to be ones I would consider crack)
-Despite it being crack pairings I still want to keep the characters as in character as best I can

My ideas for each pairing do vary, some are more just funny where one character falls for another and the second character either wants nothing to do with the first, or just end up along for the ride, others may be genuinely romantic, others may just be a nice moment that may not be inherently romantic but I just felt it was the most appropriate thing. 

I have chosen a lot of my crack pairing couples already but if you have any ideas feel free to suggested, it may be after February that I actually get to post them, but I will try,  

Anyway that's what's going on with me, I am sorry for the absence and I will also try to post some my own original work as well, and Kindred Spirits is probably going to be redone but I haven't forgotten it, 

Have a good Valentines everybody! :heart:

Do you like crossover fan fiction? 

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